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1.运城市旅游景点英文介绍 运城旅游的攻略英语






运城市旅游景点英文介绍 运城旅游的攻略英语


       Yuncheng (simplified Chinese: 运城; traditional Chinese: _城; pinyin: Yùnchéng) is the southernmost municipality in Shanxi province, China. It borders Linfen and Jincheng municipalities to the north and east, and Henan and Shaanxi provinces to the south and west. The Olympic Torch Relay went through this city June 25, 2008 on its way to Beijing. Administration The Municipal executive, legislature and judiciary are in Yanhu District (盐湖区), together with the CPC and Public Security bureaux. County-level Cities (县级市) Yongji City (永济市) Hejin City (河津市) Counties (县, xian) Linyi County (临猗) Ruicheng County (芮城) Wanrong County (万荣) Jishan County (稷山) Xinjiang County (新绛) Wenxi County (闻喜) Xia County (夏县) Jiang County (绛县) Pinglu County (平陆) Yuanqu County (垣曲) Public Security Issues Rural communities in the Yuncheng Municipal region have been the hunting grounds of Snakeheads, Chinese Human trafficking mafia. Rural children, typically middle school students fit for labour, were "recruited" with the promise of jobs in in China's far southwest -- Longchuan County in Yunnan's Dehong Prefecture. Once in Longchuan the children were whisked ("through sugar-cane fields on a motorcycle") over the international border into Kachin State and imprisoned. They were made to sign demands for ransom (e.g. 40 - 80 000 RMB). They are subjected to Torture (burnt by cigarette, violated by chopstick, fingernails pulled by pliers, forced into fights by starvation, terrorised by captive animals) prior to making telephone appeals home. For the "recruiter"/kidnappers the ethno-linguistic ties between the Jingpo-nation citizens of Dehong and those of Kachin are an enabling factor, as is the ineffectiveness of Chinese-allied Myanmar police in this region of de facto independence (Cf. Nayoubeng Mountain militia); Inter-Pol is of even less use, as Myanmar itself is a rogue state. According to the Chinese-language Beijing News (2009 Jan 20), around 50 students left Yuncheng for the Snakehead "jobs" in September-October 2008. Some boys disappeared immediately, the rest were to follow. Two families whose sons had left Yuncheng in the middle of October paid ransoms on Nov 5; these boys reappeared in Longchuan on Nov 8. Back home in Shanxi, the boys told police and reporters that one of their cellmates had been one of the earliest-disappeared Yuncheng boys, and was in a very bad way ("nothing but skin and bones .. babbling like an idiot"). Yuncheng police paid a third ransom at year's end, and one boy, disappeared in late October, was retrieved on Jan 2. Yuncheng in Popular Culture The British writer Justin Hill spent two and a half years here with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), from 1993-5. It was the basis of his first book, A Bend in the Yellow River. 希望帮到你啦,如满意请采纳~



       Introduction of my hometown


       Yuncheng is seat in the south of Shanxi province, which is skirted on three sides by Lvliang Mountains and Taihang Mountains, with one side opening onto Yellow River, having the total area about 24,000 square kilometers. Yuncheng is the most famous place and local people believe that it was called China earliest in story.

       This ancient city has a approximately 5000 years history. From Chinese myth of Nvwa to Guanyu, archaeologists find many valuable sites here. This wide piece of land reserves antiquity records of human’s using fire, making salt, growing crops, feeding silkworms and est. unexaggratingly speaking, Yuncheng, also named Hedong, which means in the east of river, is the cradle of Chinese civilization.

       Compared with other cities, Yuncheng is the most richly endowed with some major natural resources for industry, especially energy resources such as iron, coal, and magnesium. Because of the abundance of sunshine and mild climate, Yuncheng has an ideal environment for many kinds of north fruits, like apple, to grow.

       Never showing his long life from the date of human’s birth, tourist industry benefiting from the well development of transportation system, becomes an important part in Yuncheng’s economy. You would find Buddhism in Wutai Mountain, enjoy your fantabulous view on Yellow River Bridge, touch those age-old compounds, and would also taste various kinds of delicious food made of flour.

       Not only is it a historical city, but a modern city as well. Yon may like to find its beauty by your own.

       Welcome to Yuncheng.







       十王堂 十王堂位于普救寺中轴线之西侧,形制与罗汉堂相 同并相对而立,一九九八年修复。佛教说阴间有十王(即十殿阎罗王),堂内因塑有 十王的塑像而得名,当年张生游寺时曾到过此堂。

       罗汉堂 罗汉堂位于普救寺中轴线之东侧,宋代形制,宽五间,深四椽,单檐悬山顶,前檐后廊,一九八八年修复。罗汉是“阿罗汉”的省称,是释迦牟尼的护法弟子。原在印度只有十六尊者,后来又增加了两尊。到宋代成为十八罗汉。《西厢记》中,张生游寺“数了罗汉”即指此处。

       弥陀殿 弥陀殿位于普救寺中轴线之南隅。宋代形制。面阔三间,进深四椽,单檐歇顶。一九八七年修复。殿前菩萨洞顶是宽敞的平台,供游人眺览小憩。此殿以供阿弥陀佛而得名。阿弥陀佛是梵语的禅音,意思是“无量光明”,又称无量寿佛。

       天王殿 天王殿在普救寺中轴线前隅,明代形制,面阔三间,进深四椽, 单檐歇顶,系一九八七年修复。 古印度神话称须弥山有“四大天王”,佛教也采用其说,宣称“四大天王”各护一方天下,故称“护世天王”,俗称“四大金刚”。



        China's Great Wall is the greatest building project in human history of civilization.


       It was built in Spring and Autumn period ,Warring states times, two thousand years _go.


       After the Qin state unified China. The chinese people connected the Great wall of various states.


       Two generations of wise people have constructed The Great Wall intensively. _ast its project. It looks like rainbow rolling forward. It was possible to be called _orld miracle.

       聪明的两代人曾经密集地建造长城,扩展了它的工程. 它看起来象彩虹,滚滚向前. 它有可能被称作世界奇迹。

       It is the must for chinese people. When you repair Great Wall's _uins in offical _ays.

       You will not only could witness Great Wall's apparance that meandered in the hills and high moutains , but could also understand the chinese nation creation history , _reat wisdom and courage of chinese people. In December 1987, Great Wall was included in ‘’World heritage Name list‘’.

       它是中国必须付出的代价,当你在正式的场合下,在废墟中修建长城,你不仅会见证它在高山和峻岭中婉延曲折的情景, 也会了解中华民族的创造历史以及中国人的勇气和智慧,在1987年12月,长城被归录在‘’世界遗产名录"中。



       My hometown is Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, located at the southwest end of Shanxi Province. There is no beautiful West Lake in the south of the Yangtze River and no myriad customs in Rio. There is a different scenery.


       "West Garden" is a big park in Yuncheng, which is also a major feature of Yuncheng, especially in spring. As soon as you enter the "West Garden", you can see the peach blossoms on both sides of the road. Each one is so pink, just like little girls smeared with rouge. They look more moving against the light green leaves.


       The beautiful Nanfeng square is also a great beauty of Yuncheng. Stepping into the south wind square, the grass is like grass and the flowers are like brocade; The land is vast and the sky is far away. It is refreshing and pleasant. I love my hometown Yuncheng. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yuncheng!



       Do you have a trip to Beijing? If so, when to start and how to get to Beijing? What activities will be held in Beijing to see where to visit the great wall and Peking University, where to live in Beijing, and when you come back, everyone needs to spend a lot of money.




       Hello, nice to meet you. I miss you very much. How are you? I miss you very much.

       I'm fine now. I want to travel in two weeks. I want to travel with me.

       It sounds great. I like traveling. Where can we book tickets? We can fly there.

       Can you call me at six o'clock that day. See you next time.




       Last summer vacation, my parents and I went to Hawaii for five days. The climate here did not change much during the year. We could take airplanes and other local means of transportation.

       So I think it's very convenient here. The green mountain roads, the warm sea water, and the colorful activities here make people feel relaxed and happy. That's why Hawaii Island is a paradise that many people dream of.

       Hawaii Island is so beautiful. I They had a good time there.





       1、check whether you've taken anything necessary or not(money,umbrella,snacks,food,clothes which suit the local temperature,clean shoes,tour guide book or something like GPS).


       2、search some relevant imformation about your destination,in order to avoid possible troubles(for instance the unfamiliar customs,special moral rules)be sure that you've chosen a suitable time.


       3、imform your relations,(or friends,colleagues,mates,teachers,professors,so on and so forth).


       4、book the hotel room.


       5、plan your trip routes in advanced.










       Next week, my family will go on a short trip.We plan to go on to hongkong for 2 weeks,because it

       is not only a shopping paradise but also the heaven for our children.It’s veryfar away ,so I plan

       to go there by plane,it is the most convenient way to go there.And I decided to stay there for two

       weeks ,while I can thoroughly to feel the local customs there.t will be a good trip!









































        I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. Just forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don't even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don't forget to bring your backpack!



        ①Today I will tell you some information about Sichuan Province’s travelling. Sichuan Province, ②whichcapital city is Chengdu, lies in the southwest of china and covers an area of about 485,000 square kilometers.

        It is rich in tourist attractions and enjoys many world-famous places of ③interests, such as Jiuzhaigou and the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. ④Jiuzhaigou is well known for its beautiful lakes, whose water is so clear that you can see the bottom of them.⑤The otherattraction is the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, which was built over 2,000 years ago and is ⑥still playingaimportant part inirrigation today.

        ⑦In a word, the nice weather, convenient transportation and the variety of famous hot food can also⑧make your trip even more enjoyable.



        Bali is one of Indonesia’s mostbeautifulislands.The weather is neither too hot nor too cold all year round. The islandis warm and pleasant.Ithas now become a seaside resort.Today I visited it with my mother. We took the plane in the early morning. We got there at about 9 a.m. The beaches were shining. And they looked so beautiful that we shouted with joy. We played beach volleyball there. In the afternoon we went to theSPA.I felt so relaxed and didn’t feel tired at all.I felt like I was flying in the sky after doing that. It was time to go home. We took many photos of the beaches and the sea. I have a wonderful day there.